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/* Copyright 1988,1990,1993,1994 by Paul Vixie
 * All rights reserved
 * Distribute freely, except: don't remove my name from the source or
 * documentation (don't take credit for my work), mark your changes (don't
 * get me blamed for your possible bugs), don't alter or remove this
 * notice.  May be sold if buildable source is provided to buyer.  No
 * warrantee of any kind, express or implied, is included with this
 * software; use at your own risk, responsibility for damages (if any) to
 * anyone resulting from the use of this software rests entirely with the
 * user.
 * Send bug reports, bug fixes, enhancements, requests, flames, etc., and
 * I'll try to keep a version up to date.  I can be reached as follows:
 * Paul Vixie          <paul@vix.com>          uunet!decwrl!vixie!paul

/* config.h - configurables for Vixie Cron
 * $Id: config.h,v 2.6 1994/01/15 20:43:43 vixie Exp $

#if !defined(_PATH_SENDMAIL)
# define _PATH_SENDMAIL "/usr/lib/sendmail"
#endif /*SENDMAIL*/

 * these are site-dependent

#define DEBUGGING 1     /* 1 or 0 -- do you want debugging code built in? */

                   * choose one of these MAILCMD commands.  I use
                   * /bin/mail for speed; it makes biff bark but doesn't
                   * do aliasing.  /usr/lib/sendmail does aliasing but is
                   * a hog for short messages.  aliasing is not needed
                   * if you make use of the MAILTO= feature in crontabs.
                   * (hint: MAILTO= was added for this reason).

#define MAILCMD _PATH_SENDMAIL                              /*-*/
#define MAILARGS "%s -FCronDaemon -odi -oem -or0s %s"       /*-*/
                  /* -Fx       = set full-name of sender
                   * -odi      = Option Deliverymode Interactive
                   * -oem      = Option Errors Mailedtosender
                   * -or0s = Option Readtimeout -- don't time out

/* #define MAILCMD "/bin/mail"                  /*-*/
/* #define MAILARGS "%s -d  %s"                 /*-*/
                  /* -d = undocumented but common flag: deliver locally?

/* #define MAILCMD "/usr/mmdf/bin/submit" /*-*/
/* #define MAILARGS "%s -mlrxto %s"       /*-*/

/* #define MAIL_DATE                      /*-*/
                  /* should we include an ersatz Date: header in
                   * generated mail?  if you are using sendmail
                   * for MAILCMD, it is better to let sendmail
                   * generate the Date: header.

                  /* if ALLOW_FILE and DENY_FILE are not defined or are
                   * defined but neither exists, should crontab(1) be
                   * usable only by root?
/*#define ALLOW_ONLY_ROOT                 /*-*/

                  /* if you want to use syslog(3) instead of appending
                   * to CRONDIR/LOG_FILE (/var/cron/log, e.g.), define
                   * SYSLOG here.  Note that quite a bit of logging
                   * info is written, and that you probably don't want
                   * to use this on 4.2bsd since everything goes in
                   * /usr/spool/mqueue/syslog.  On 4.[34]bsd you can
                   * tell /etc/syslog.conf to send cron's logging to
                   * a separate file.
                   * Note that if this and LOG_FILE in "pathnames.h"
                   * are both defined, then logging will go to both
                   * places.
#define SYSLOG                      /*-*/

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