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/* Copyright 1988,1990,1993,1994 by Paul Vixie
 * All rights reserved
 * Distribute freely, except: don't remove my name from the source or
 * documentation (don't take credit for my work), mark your changes (don't
 * get me blamed for your possible bugs), don't alter or remove this
 * notice.  May be sold if buildable source is provided to buyer.  No
 * warrantee of any kind, express or implied, is included with this
 * software; use at your own risk, responsibility for damages (if any) to
 * anyone resulting from the use of this software rests entirely with the
 * user.
 * Send bug reports, bug fixes, enhancements, requests, flames, etc., and
 * I'll try to keep a version up to date.  I can be reached as follows:
 * Paul Vixie          <paul@vix.com>          uunet!decwrl!vixie!paul

#if !defined(lint) && !defined(LINT)
static char rcsid[] = "$Id: job.c,v 1.6 1994/01/15 20:43:43 vixie Exp $";

#include "cron.h"

typedef     struct _job {
      struct _job *next;
      entry       *e;
      user        *u;
} job;

static job  *jhead = NULL, *jtail = NULL;

job_add(e, u)
      register entry *e;
      register user *u;
      register job *j;

      /* if already on queue, keep going */
      for (j=jhead; j; j=j->next)
            if (j->e == e && j->u == u) { return; }

      /* build a job queue element */
      j = (job*)malloc(sizeof(job));
      j->next = (job*) NULL;
      j->e = e;
      j->u = u;

      /* add it to the tail */
      if (!jhead) { jhead=j; }
      else { jtail->next=j; }
      jtail = j;

      register job      *j, *jn;
      register int      run = 0;

      for (j=jhead; j; j=jn) {
            do_command(j->e, j->u);
            jn = j->next;
      jhead = jtail = NULL;
      return run;

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